Prism Internet Resources

For those of you starting to look into using the Prism framework I am listing the Internet resources I have found most useful.


Official Prism 5 Release

Download Prism 5 which is the latest release version directly from Microsoft.

In the download are several open projects. They range from simple to complex.  Be sure to carefully examine the stock trader reference implementation.  It contains many great programming patterns and sample code.

You may safely ignore the included DLL files; the Prism framework is easily added to your own project through Nuget.

Also included is a comprehensive developers guide. 


Check out the user interface for the stock trading reference implementation:

Stock trading screen print


Learning Resources 

For video training check out

Brian Lagunas and Brian Noyes have made several training videos on Prism.  The Brian's have taken ownership of the project from the Microsoft Research team.  

Their blogs are filled with great information. and


Contribute Code 

The full source code for prism is located at

On GitHub you can request features and report bugs.  You can also preview the upcoming changes.


Community Help 

Stack Overflow currently has over 2000 questions tagged with "Prism".


Be sure to listen to the Prism talk shows on .NET Rocks.


Please comment below on additional Prism resources you have found helpful.