Budgeter 5000 - A Budgeting Prism 6 Windows Application Part 1, Project Structure


I have named the project and namespace Budgeter5000.  Download my project from https://github.com/twodawg/Budgeter5000


Prism 6

The Prism team released Prism 6 last week.  It is ready for use for all WPF based applications.  A list of the changes are located here. https://github.com/PrismLibrary/Prism/wiki/Release-Notes---6.0.0



Budgeter5000 Goals

  • Learn Prism 6 functionality
  • Record monthly Income, Expense
  • Record Assets, Liabilities
  • Trend financial metrics over time
  • Graph the metrics



My initial design on making the application modular is to split up the projects as follows:

Project list


Budget5000 contains the bootstrapper and shell.  It will also contain links to the shared assets and report XSL files.

...Graph contains the graphing views and view models.

...Infrastructure contains the shared models and interfaces.

...Report contains the report views and view models.  It also contains the specific report models I will use.

...Service contains the services and any external data management items.

...TransactionForm contains the application views and view models.


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